Double Space, Phased, Fuzz Manta- Dragens Hule, København 5/5/07

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sept 2007)

My friends Phased were playing their first gig ever in Denmark and had arrived the day earlier. We had met when I was on tour with Gas Giant, who played 3 gigs with the band in Switzerland and had a great time. We arrived at the venue about 19:20 and Fuzz Manta was about set up and getting their sound together. It was going to be loud! They had quite a few problems with the PA on this night and I really think the vocals for any of the bands sounded very good. Are the speakers blown or just in need of some EQ?

Anyway, the bands got some food quite late (21:45) and still not many people had arrived and they would not either. Only maybe 40 people on this nice evening. Fuzz Manta started at 10:25 and played for an hour and really rocked the house. They have some really excellent songs like Night Fright. They started with some pretty straight up rock and roll numbers like Candles and Big City before the show became a very stoner rock evening. I look forward to seeing how this band develops with the dual guitars and Lene’s (Davolina’s, Cherry Overdrive) powerful singing. I had hoped the band would jam it out a bit more but it will come. Good stuff. Jens was really into and having a great time.

Setlist: Candles, Big City, We said it all, On the Edge, Mysterious Thoughts, Free, Night Fright, Sickness, Who sees you?, Desire, Mountain

All the Fuzz Manta gear had to be changed out and all the Double Space gear set up so this took nearly an hour as Double Space were doing a multitrack recording and everything had to be miked up. All the vocal mics had been stolen from bands that had played at the DH, so Magnus had to loan one from his rehearsal room to help out. Anyway, Phased started about 12:30, I guess. Late.. They had a rough start with Chris breaking strings on both his guitars and having to stop the show to change a string. The band never really caught their groove until the end of the show and I think a lot of people were quite confused. Is this band punk rock, stoner rock or doom? They played mostly tracks from the Medication CD and two from the previous CD. I like the band very much but it is for sure a band with an acquired taste and a unique sound and feel. My favourite tracks were probably Frozen Buds, Worship the Sun (although this was not as powerful as on the studio record) and the great Nachspiel in Oslo, from one of their really early releases. Cool set.. Crowd did not get it, though.

Setlist: Nihil Slayride, Frozen Buds, Back in Time, Worship the Sun, Marsh Chapel experiment, Traces>Anubia, Illiterate Snob, Sausage Tricks, Nachspiel in Oslo, Reminder

Double Space also took a while before they were ready to record and maybe 20 people were left and they also had decided to double the volume and it was insanely loud. IT was after 2 before they started. They opened with Fletch. This is really a cool number. A bit shoegazer meets DOOM. Heavy stuff. Sound was really good but loud, phew.. This is a band with a lot of promise. Great drummer and intense stuff.

Review by Scott Heller

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