YuñJan- Duos de Macabre: Watering the issue
(Tangle Edge Productions TEP4/5)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

In July 2001, Hasse and (former and now current) Tangle Edge drummer, Tom Steinberg hooked up for two days of bass and drum sessions. Hasse also plays electric guitar and slide guitar but it is mostly bass. The work sat around for some years before being picked up again and it was mixed in November 2006 by Hasse and Ronald (Tangle Edge Guitarist). What we have here is 2 hours of very intense stuff. Very experimental and difficult to describe and listen to. This is pure musical masturbation for bass players and drummers. These guys excellent musicians and are very creative and have created some pretty incredible pieces of challenging music. It is nothing like the RUINS or OM for instance. It is much more like jazz rather than riffs being played on the bass. There is some pretty amazing interplay between the two musicians. Not much more to say… if you like Tangle Edge and these musicians, you might want to get into this..

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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