Via Sinistrae- The Tower
( Black Note Music)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

JC Mendizabal is from El Salvador and graduated from SFSU in 1993 with a specialty in Music Composition and Electronic Music. The music on this CD was captured from a live Via Sinistrae event: The Tower. TRACK ONE cool droning experimental electronica. Live recording of February '06 performance at Xicoco Shamanic Arts, Riverside CA. TRACK TWO I gave one of JC Mendizabal's Kyron CD's a somewhat bad review in a recent AI issue but so far I really dig this CD! Not too cliched or ordinary! TRACK THREE pretty damn cool, oh shit, here comes the drum machine! Pretty elaborate full sound for a live recording!....There's no song titles or breaks between songs so it's hard to know which "song" I'm talkin' about! I have to admit I liked this more before the drum machine came in. It takes it down from ambient experimental to ho hum techno?!?! Now some female vocal, is it live or sampled?....boy, this drum machine becomes a big drag. I'm starting to remember the Kyron CD now! Some pre-recorded female spoken vocal, recorded crowd noises, now some soaring female vocal, no drums, pretty damn cool! Not bad, but not really good, uninspired?! Thin recorded sound! But at the same time, kinda nice!?....New percussive sound that is much more unique, pleasant; fat round bass drum thump! These kind of live recordings always seem to keep things in a more natural synchronization!...gets pretty nice, dreamy still spaciness!...back to the damn drum machine that only/always takes away!!! I do appreciate how this is one long piece fo music. I wonder how arranged it was?...some intense female vocalizations! Back down into some ambient space stillness! repetitive electronic dronebeat!...oh, man this drum machine is a pisser! Some pretty awesome vocals tho!...gettin' pretty funky with the droney female vocal!...nice intense buildup! Nice vocal, this was prolly pretty cool to see live even tho it was laptop!?! "The absence of life", so says the pseudo angry recorded male voice!....long slow fade that never quite ends..........

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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