Rameses III- Matanuska
Music Fellowship MF026 CD)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

Imagine that you are floating. Looking down upon a soft sandy beach with the sun glinting upon the clear ocean. Take a deep breath. And relax…
The atmosphere builds in that way. Gradual at first, beginning more sound creation based than music based, so meditation could follow easily if desired! Even though that may not be the purpose of the sound, it sure has the scope to take a doper into the sub-conscious! It could be almost be spiritual, electric and vibrant…
In places I hear a lot of familiar reference points to electronic sound creation. For instance I hear touches in a similar vein to Hawkwind’s Shade Gate from Chronicles of the Black Sword era. I think that it is the bird whistling sounds on a certain track that reminds me of this.
I hear Terry Riley droning as in Tangerine Dream’s Zeit. I hear Jorge Reyes enchanting the Hopi Indians with natural sounds of desert and plain. Or maybe Black Lung…
What I mean to say is the CD very mellow, ambient and soft; in fact in places it is almost orchestral. The atmospheres could indeed be eastern in a fashion on some tracks; others are more major key sounding, sliding back to the west.
Most tracks however lean on acoustic instruments for fiddlings and tinklings. These very things are accompanied by masses of synthesizer and keyboards etc. And on the whole the sound is very full and somewhat uplifting.
It also could be termed as cinematic and provoking, yet it sometimes leaves a desolate and barren feel, even though it is a comforting desolation, and occupied barreness! Meaning I see light always and I feel that I can leave any time, but I would rather stay and listen to the vibrant feedback guitar drones attuning the brain to a frequency which has no bounds.

For more info: www.ramesesiii.com

Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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