Kopecky- Blood
(Unicorn Digital UNCR-5029)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

This is the 4th record by the Wisconsin brothers (bass, drums and guitar). This is dark, strange, emotional and challenging instrumental progressive rock music and probably the bands most melodic in some ways. The interaction between the members is tight and also quite amazing. Sometimes you think you know where the band is heading with a track and they take the turn the other way and wrap around under the bridge and over the field and nearly taking out the farmer’s cows in the process! 7 tracks performed in 57 minutes with two epics (11½ and 13 minutes). Garden of Immolation starts things off in a intense fashion… Infernal Desire Machine begins more slowly and a bit spacey and dark before and features the amazing bass playing as the guitar riff keeps things moving and then the riff and intensity of everything increases. The guitar player is really a master of riffs. There is not a lot of intense soloing but there is some. This is really complex stuff. I have no idea how they can remember it all. Windows, the 11½ minute track in the middle of the CD features some really beautiful guitar playing while the rest of the band lays back a bit before the intense playing reappears. Eden’s Flow features really amazing intertwined playing between the 3 brothers. Cool guitar! The Red Path features a quite metallic guitar but it is countered by some very not heavy metal playing by the others (more jazzy). Opium, the 13 min monster ends the CD and features some really cool spacey bass playing. An exhausting CD to listen to… fucking good…

For more information you can visit the Kopecky web site at: http://www.kopecky.8m.com
Visit the Unicorn Digital Records web site at: http://www.unicorndigital.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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