Keen of the Crow- Hyborea
(GRAU 2006)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

I dress in black, do I? Pay homage to the Horned God, do I?
So? What’s it f***ing to yer?
Some of the stuff is not bad really, heavy yet not really heavy. Strange in places but not the type of stuff that I would go for in all honesty, even though I am not negative about it.
I like it in moderation yet I would not play it regular. I would rather listen to Ministry, Slayer or the Killing Joke as my source of heaviness. Although I know some of the genres that are being tread here.
It is the type of music that could be labeled as doom metal in places, or heavy stoner in others. Think Monster Magnet, Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie without the electronics and the samples. Not as if they totally sound like this, this is just a means of genre they may partake in and as a rough description of sound. I’m guessing you could put them not that far outside this bracket.
As far as the rawness and distortion of the guitar goes it is dirty as f***! The vocal growling goes from demon growl to deep angelic throughout, switching between the two whenever the situation needs. It makes me wonder if they have names like Torso Horse and Bloodworm Corpse? Mmmmm…. I really hope so!
I’m not sure that readers are into this, as this is a million miles away from space and psychedelic but you never know.
Deathlike riffs with a hardcore noise guitar are good descriptions. They are not too fast and they are not too slow. They are dark and sinister in a fashion.
If you like heavy raw rock then you will enjoy it.
Rock on brothers and sisters till the New World Order drags you to the FEMA camps! Hallelujah praise Krsna…

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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