Jeremy & Progressor- The Pearl of the Great Price
(MALS 2005)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

Over time, as I listen to this CD, I get into the feel of the sound and slowly begin to understand the context of the music itself.
I realize that there are a number of different layers and styles involved within the music overall, and I find that the choice of subtle electronics and heavy guitar driven pieces together have a balance that offers something to anyone interested in new music. Even though some of this may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I know that a lot will like it.
As far as I hear and as far as the electronic moments go, I have to mention Tangerine Dream, but in reality I would favor German band Bionight rather than Tangerine Dream as a reference. But on saying this neither of these bands takes this style of electronic music to the places that Jeremy & Progressor go to. This I feel is because both Tangerine Dream and Bionight are predominately electronic in nature, whereas this CD also has full on wild jammed guitar sections, which makes them stand apart from a lot of other bands in this style of music.Pink Floyd strangeness plays a heavy part in the guitar sections and it must be said that the guitar playing and what sounds like Moog solos are of the spiraling spaced out vibe that is sure to fire most dopers. In this vein they are full on and intense to the point of madness. And it is for these moments that I would advise people to maybe have a listen. Good stuff…
Experimentation with synthesizers is also very much at the fore and thankfully these episodes are broken up by the frequent manic guitar episodes. These episodes range from what I recalled as Dave Gilmore of Pink Floyd meets Brian May of Queen in an all out pick to the death. Who will survive? Indeed! On the whole the whole CD is very spacey. Yet it may not be of everyone’s taste. It sounds quite experimental and it is very well put together. Lasting over 60 minutes it is not too short and it is not too long as to offend ear. Rather it sits in the just right range. Happy submergence…

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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