Hall Of Mirrors' - Various Artists (Emperor Jones)
2-CD - Cat. no: EJ 69LP)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

As for most of those various artists CD releases flooding the market these days by punk, metal, pop or even alternative bands I'll usually pass on them altogether. But, 'Hall Of Mirrors' is an exception because it features twenty-two space rock and progressive bands on two CD's - for the price of a single disc. Beat that. Disc one is fantastic, opening with your typical Kinski track, "Teen Center", then the good, strong well-written cut by Finnish space merchants, Circle with "Kuonopaivaa", the heavy way-out-there (with plenty of feedback) Gravitar's "Maybe Ben Hur", the wailing ST 37's "They Time", the superbly done "The Somnambulist Speaks" by Vocokesh and the total ass-kicking Farflung piece "These Clouds Are Solid". I tell you, it rarely gets better than this.
Disc two is pretty much just as outstanding. Starts off with Sub-Arachnoid's "S.F Eagle" which is their heaviest tune I believe I've ever heard by them. Other highlights include Fuzzhead's psyched-out "Remember The Avalon" , the quite inventive Escapade gem "4' 33", another full-throttled head-tripping Acid Mothers Temple exclusive "Fire Walk With Us", Abunai's stellar "Our Wayward Fuel" ( was nice to finally hear another song from this American space rock ensemble) and the in-your-face cosmic rocker "Fall River Mills" by Transpacific - a band that I've never even remotely heard of before. Think I'd like to hear more from this artist. Fans are sure to fully enjoy many spins with this release in the years to come. Gets better each time you play it. So highly recommended, that it almost hurts.

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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