Ex-Vagus- Ãmes Vagabondes
(Galileo Records

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

Ex-Vagus are a back with their 5th CD in 10 years, including 2 rock operas! They are a five piece French progressive rock band in the tradition of Ange, Marillion with a bit of more modern bands like Spock’s Beard thrown in. The singer has quite a special, almost operatic voice and is an excellent singer (all songs are sung in French). Astrodelica is a short 5 min track to get you warmed up. Le Cheval des Nébuleuses is next at 11½ minutes and builds up in a really cool way before the band gets to solo (guitars and keys). A fantastic mood piece and some very interesting vocals, especially at the end. Pluton begins like a ballad but then becomes quite Marillion like and then heavy at the end.. A very unique arrangement. Le songe de surfeur d’argent is again quite moody like the opening track with some really crazy and dynamic singing. The track gets a bit spacey in the middle and has an excellent build. Lci is the radio friendly ballad and the only weak song. Un petit Empire features some of the heavier (slightly metallic) guitar on the CD. The CD ends with Rideau, a very dramatic track, like some of the Italian prog. An excellent CD….

You can visit the band on the web at: http://www.ex-vagus.com
Visit the Galileo records web site at: http://www.galileo-records.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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