Eluvium- Copia
Temporary Residence Ltd. TRL2006)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

The classical sounding nature of the tracks on this CD momentarily inspired my mind in mind to ramble o ’the boggy moors a ‘Yorkshire, searching desperately for the Holy Hovis Baps! Which, down through time, have come to be known as the bread wi now’t teken out!
I ladd… Now’t teken out! Glory be!
The whole CD is intense and emotional without respite. In the majority the sound instigated reminds me of the double Crumar Organ gathering cobwebs under my bed. This is because a lot of the tracks on this CD focus upon the same fat, bassy rumblings that the aforementioned organ produces.
In reflection the CD is somber overall, desperate frequently and I could term it definitely as a soundtrack sounding album.
It has a classical edge at times in regards to the chords and melodies involved, but I cannot get away from the sound of the Crumar under my bed.
I find that the majority of this CD is organ driven and not in a Pink Floyd way, rather in a Dr Phibes way, if you know what I mean? Also there is a lot of solo piano work, which I am not a fan of.
This is done in Tori Amos fashion yet has a sort of Bob Dylan style melody to it. It works as far as the CD goes but in truth it is not really my cup of tea.
Occasionally I find that I am just bombarded with sound. That is no bad thing however, but with only slight variations of the same style chords played and repeated violently throughout I find that there is no real conclusion.
The same also could be said of the minimal variations in the melodies throughout. There is nothing really bad about this. And in fact if the truth really be known, there is in reality only so much organ that a man can take! And e ‘by gum am ta me limits wi ‘the Crumar ladd’s!
If you like intense somber Crumar music, hev a ‘ganzies…

Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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