The DEFECTORS "Bruised and Satisfied"
(Bad Afro Records afrocd-029 2007)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

Hardcore-Garage-Horror-Surf'n'Roll...from Denmark! "Welcome All Sinners" starts it off with a campy lo-fi spoken-bit intro ala Cramps or something, then the album settles into a string of relatively clean, solid riff-monsters with surf beats and guitar, '60's-style farfisa organ and theremin fx ("Creepy Crawl", "Dancing Gouls", "Ressurection", "Final Thrill").
Vocalist is a kind of cheesy whiney-gutteral, not too obnoxious. I think I prefer the dirtier sound on the intro and the brief "I Want Blood".
The title-track is classic (and somewhat comical) shit; slow, plodding, ballsy, with an epic guitar mid-section (reminds me a bit of Helios Creed's "Big Clown", though less noisy and bizarre).Some of the album's later tunes are kinda lame sleazy party tunes. Still, a decent album overall. I don't know much of what goes on in Denmark, but I won't go on this album, which pretty much revels in American garage, punk and rock 'n' roll traditions.

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Reviewed by Chuck

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