Causa Sui, Cherry Overdrive, Double Space- Loppen, Christiania 3/2/07

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

Wow.. what a great night of music. My ears were totally blasted though… Anyway, I rode my bike over by myself and once inside, went straight backstage and hung out with Nils, the Cherry Overdrive girls and Double Space. Had a beer and then headed out to set up the recording gear. Double Space started a bit over 10. Double Space are an Århus band, who play heavy stuff. Two guitars (one tuned way down) and drums. The guitar player and drummer both sing, while Mikko, plays the low end stuff. I have their one demo CD and it was pretty cool and spacey stuff but they did not play any of that stuff at this show and went for a much more Melvins influenced sound with a touch of Unsane and doom occasionally. They had their moments and it will be interesting to see how they develop. Watch these guys..

Setlist: Fletch, Fist, Chromatic, Making, Moulding, Blowfish, Nesting

Cherry Overdrive was next and got it together pretty quickly. They had some special guests tonight, which is cool.. Anyway, the band opened with bass and drums and a cool groove that slowly built up and lead into Story of a Girl. Sound was really good. Drums weren’t as loud as with double space. The band ripped into Sharks and Reptiles. Henrik (Suck a Bug fame) played some really cool keyboards to compliment the girls psych rock sound. The band has quite a spacey jam in Did You, which lead right into the surf track, Ventures. A few more uptempo tracks and then the band spaced out in the track, The Fall and were joined by Martin on 3rd guitar playing some cool E-bow and stuff. This jam went straight into Shake it up and they came out for one encore, Toy Boy.. 55 minutes of great psych rock and roll, as only these girls (and now a couple of boys) can play. Best show I have ever seen them play.

Set List: Story of a Girl, Sharks, Reptiles, Sheryl’s Faith, Hit the Right Note, Did You>Ventures, Clear Light, What it Takes, Loneliness, The Fall>Shake it Up, Toy Boy

Causa Sui, were psyched to play and there was still a good crowd but not as many people as when Cherry Overdrive played. Causa Sui started with a long intro jam before ripping into White Sun. This is total high energy psychedelic stoner rock and roll, with pounding drums and bass, killer Hendrix meets Randy Holden style lead guitar and powerful vocals. These guys love to jam and live for the jam.. The set tonight was mostly new songs, with only 2 tracks from the bands debut CD. Another new song, Top of the Hill was next and sounded really cool. The band then played a completely new untitled track before the monster jam in Where the Streams Collide from the debut CD, which was stretched out to nearly 25 minutes! The singer, also played the djembe during one part of the jam. Cool stuff. Audience really loved it as well. Another new song, New Born Road, was stretched ot to 19½ minutes. The band was called back for one encore, El Paraiso, from the debut CD and this was jammed on for nearly 20 minutes as well. A great and intense show. The band has a new CD coming out soon on Elektrohasch, so watch out!

Set List: Intro Jam>White Sun, Top of the Hill, Untitled, Where the Streams…, New Born Road, El Paraiso

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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