Alpha Wave Movement- The Regions Between
(Harmonic Resonance Recordings)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

Alpha Wave Movement is the brainchild of Gregory Kyryluk from Massachusetts. The CD contains 8 ambient space excursions in 47 minutes. IT has a really great and spacey sound. Nucleogenesis has a bit of a darker sound to it but still very much out in deep space with lush synthesizer sweeps and spacey wind. Solar Dub and Rubicon are much more new age like and he plays a very nice synth solo in Rubicon. Desert Light is back into space again… Distant Nebula is the longest track at almost 10 minutes and it builds really slowly as more and more sounds are layered in. Nice track. Metamorphic Dawn is really soundtrack music of some sort, very spacey, a bit romatic or something… Great sound on this CD of space music… I almost forgot to say, the liner notes tell you something about what inspired each track and in some cases what synths were used etc..

If you are interested in obtaining the CD or learning more, please write to Gregory at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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