(Galileo Records GR010)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

T is Thomas Thielen who since his last album "Naive" has moved to Hannover Germany....VOICES vocals immediately remind of Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine, but the music is something different, more of 80's classic rock?! The guitar has the Robert Fripp sound! Then it sounds like an 80's Peter Gabriel track....AUGUST IN ME changes pace, soft spoken word vocal. It's a concept album!?!? Very nice! Thomas Thielen spent over 4 years working on this and you can hear it! PARTY PIECE I wonder if this gets played on German radio, pretty impressive! Like the German Radiohead or something? STILL slow quiet guitar riff, pretty amazing stuff from Thomas. Not what I usually listen to, and it's a little 80's for my taste but none the less very impressive! Elaborate ear candy, the girls will dig it!! SEPTIC look out, here comes the 70's ELP cheese keyboard with the Robert Wyatt vocal. It's weird to hear someone so obviously copy someone else. It makes you wonder how aware they are of it or how they justify it? Besides this it sounds great, makes me want to listen to some Soft Machine tho!! You know, some reviewers think my old band ST 37 were too noisy for their prog-rock tastes but the whole point of progressive rock is/was to do something new/innovative, not just copy what's gone before!! FAITH having said that, this track sounds pretty damn cool, with strings, layers of cool big 80's production done at home in the 2000's!!! SECOND THOUGHTS more, this one sounds a little home demo-ish, some very funky bass! I wonder if T plays live!? AFTER very swell, lush pop rock! Number one on Venus! CURTAIN CALL nice moody piano, Thomas is too cool for words. It gets all worked up into a musical explosion of heart felt emotion! Then comes tapes of people talkin' and carrying on etc. I guess that's the curtain call!!? FORGET ME NOW more of the same, very nice! "do your summers leave you cold?" Nice pulse! Ol Thomas is bringing down the house! Some quality wailing! Glass breaking! The CD gets very loud in spots, my wife wants to turn it down. I of course say "No! Honey! We have to crank the Thomas Thielen!!!" Or as I like to call him, "T" !!!

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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