T-30 Control- Hollow Earth
Path Of Action (2006)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

T-30 Control was formed by Vincent Rees, Peter Smith and Chris Cullen. They are influenced by Hawkwind, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Shulze to name but a few. Combining Space music and Trance, Hollow Earth is the follow up to the "best selling" CD Blade of the Sun. TIME SHIFTER fast driving space prog rock with synth zooms, very 70's, frantic drumming and keys, very Hawkwindish. CHASE THE SUN slower, big full meditative, quite lovely, you can definitely hear the Krautrock influences. EARTH WATCH sounds very much like late 70's early 80's Hawkwind but without vocals, so far no vocals on this CD. I wish there was a full bass and drum sound, very weird how the music is mixed!?!? Dueling spacerock guitars!!! Between the time they met in a Crawley UK record shop sometime in the 70's and the first T-30 Control CD in 2001 they would share studio space and inspiration with several groups including The Exotic Pandas (a Paul Thompson project along with Peter Smith and Chris Cullen), Primitive People, Third Stage, Chained Bears, and The Experimental Urban band. END OF TOMORROW atmospheric keys and drones, nice quality spacerock. I actually prefer this sort of thing without vocals because the vocals have to be just right or they always take away from the music. AIRSTREAM very Quark, Strangeness and Charm era Hawkwind sound. Very uptempo manic! No bass, drums recorded very thin, it's all keys!!! What to think? Somewhat annoying, too 70's prog fruity! GATEWAY TO THE STARS back to the space atmospheric thang, nice!!! AGE OF REASON back to the spastic doodling spacerock keyboard thing, I don't know about this ?!?! EDGE OF DARKNESS very Hawkwind influenced song titles......HOMELANDER more uptempo rockin' out, is this a drum machine? Pretty kickass guitar, frantic!! I'm gonna jump out the window! MIST back to slow atmospheric non-rock, which I prefer to the over the top stuff! Very nice! HORIZON Chromesque drums on this one! It's almost dance music! Horror!! Cheese keys!! What to say? The letter from the band says "When I first told people I had a band that combined Space music and Trance, they told me I was crazy. But I proved them all wrong with T-30 Control, a band that is now on a major roll." And who am I to disagree.....

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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