Pigshackle- EPIG
(Genin Records 0006CD)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

This is a 4 track Ep by a all instrumental UK band from London. This is a precursor to the full length CD that the band is working on. The band is influenced by bands like Melvins, Isis, Pelican and Shellac. The band apparently has quite a following in London. Anyway, the EP opens with Winged Snail of Golgotha, an instrumental track, which is not all that interesting, until the heavy end part. What Fisticuffs, follows and is quite melodic and dreamy and occasionally gets heavy and then back again. Sounds like quite an incomplete track? Tatsu maki sen pu kyaku is next and the the longest track on the CD at 6½ minutes. The band doesn’t really take the track anywhere interesting. The CD ends with viderbeest/gernoo (listed as 19 minutes but most is silence until a strange synth thing appears towards the end). This is the heaviest drone-doom thing on the CD. I don’t I just was not very impressed…

Visit the Genin Records web site at: http://www.genin.co.uk

Visit the bands web site at: http://www.pigshackle.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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