Ogre- Seven Hells
(Leafhound Records LHR-012)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

This is the most kick ass old school 70s rock record I have heard in a while. Fucking amazing stuff. These guys just go for the throat on every track. The CD opens up with Dogmen (of Planet Earth), where they briefly borrow a riff from Capt Beyond at the beginning before the vocals (cool voice, a bit like a less whiny version of the guy from Sheavy) kicks in and the track develops its own kick ass rock and roll riff and the band just hit it hard and heavy and jam like a motherfucker with some ripping lead guitar for 8½ minutes! Solider of Misfortune (10 minutes) begins with some bullets and then a killer opening guitar solo before the slow doomy blues takes over…. Another great jamming track.. The Gas is quite doomy and Black Sabbath influenced and reminds me of Count Raven. Woman of Fire brings back the kick ass rock and roll and ending with some nice guitar soloing. Review your Choices is the only short song on the CD (3 minutes) but also a great one featuring the guitar with some tasteful licks! Sperm Whale, is a monster, like the title suggests, with a down and dirty blues doom riff and even features a drum solo like some of those records from the 70s! Fleash Feast, weighs in at nearly 14 minutes and ends this monster of a CD. This is a dark, evil a bit spacey track. Amazing…

Play this one fucking loud!

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Visit the bands web site at: http://www.ogrerock.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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