Korai Öröm- Volume Zero
(Lollipopshop LSCD07)

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

This is the first official compilation CD by the amazing Hungarian band, Korai Öröm! It features tracks mainly from their records from 2000 and up with the sole exception of the great opening track from the 1997 CD. IT opens with two tracks from the bands latest studio CD in 2005. Then we have the excellent opening track from the 2000 CD. It is a great mix of their more polished material as well as very groove psych stuff like track 5. Track 6 is some sort of remix track that I have never heard before (and I have all their CDs). The final track is Music fi Last (the only track on the CD with a real title!) and this is a short spacey piece… Not that representative of the band’s material. There is also a video called Hey Peasant, which shows the band driving around in these funny 3 wheeled cars and looking and doing strange things. If you have never heard this really amazing ethnic psychedelic groove band, this is a great place to start!

For more information you can visit the Korai Öröm web site at: http://www.korai.hu
Visit the Lollipop Shoppe web site at: http://www.lollipopshop.de

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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