Flight 09- Human Nature
(MALS 05

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

All I can say is that I hope that there are No spandex pants and No theatrical shenanigans going down with this band!
As I listen to the first track I instantly get the rock/prog rock vibe kicking in my mind. And to my horror friends it could be a one of those Yes ‘like concept prog rock things, shit! That is why I inadvertently frightened myself by imaging the band themselves as a version of Iron Maiden meeting Rainbow and Rush in a binge fest of spandex and theatrics. I sense that I am already ill at ease with this situation.
It all sounds a bit 80’s to me. It all sounds a bit too Genesis meets Marillion, destined to be the next Simple Minds, and in fact it reminds me in places to a time when I drank under age in the local boozer during the 80’s. When mullets were in and hard rock was really a bunch of girls pretending too be hard. Bad times in music that I thought were thankfully gone forever. Hearing this CD made me think otherwise.
This is not to say that I dislike it all, I do not! But in truth I cannot handle the singing or the music, so the tracks that I like are really few and far between.
I do not think that I will make it through brothers and sisters!
I persist, just for you and hear elements of The Wall era Pink Floyd but as the time ticks by further I hear more things that I dislike because they have no relevance to anything that I like or listen to.
To me the music is definitely alive and kicking but it is as if every track they play I seem to have heard the riff or melody somewhere before. And because of this fact I would definitely not call it original music.
It plods monotonous, in my eyes, with too much trying and you could say that I find it too commercial sounding for me. It is too nicey nice in an all too nice way. Yet it also sits within Prog Rock without too much injustice to the genre.
On the whole however I find it well performed, recorded and produced. And another plus is that it is Pink Floyd in a fashion. Shame that it is not my favorite era Floyd that is being used as influence.
Cut the world some slack why don’t ya!

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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