Ruthless Blues - "Live at the Torrington"
(Mystic Records MYS CD 192)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

Ruthless Blues are a UK Blues band that have been around since like 1979, but contains no original members (Tony leads the band, having joined in 1985!). This is really well played down and dirty blues. The CD starts off really great with Help Me/Walking Blues with some great jamming. Next up is Little Sister (by Ry Cooder) and features guitarist Martyn Taylor. Next the band plays a few original tunes - Break my Back and Rolling Drunk. Break my Back is quite a moody track. Rolling Drunk is just fun shit. Bad is Bad is a harmonica foot stomping rocker. Killing Floor (Howling Wolf) is not that great a version but still fun. Tie Me Up (I Think I Love You) has this 80's style hard rock guitar that is quite funny to hear. Awful stuff. Wang Dang Doodle is really jammed out and quite a good version here. Fine Fine Fine is an old school rock and roll number. They end their gig with a not very good version of Gloria, but the crowd is having a good time and you should to! Fun blues rock with a entertaining singer and harmonica player. Every town needs a band like this!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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