Pothead - "Learn to Hypnotize"
(Janitor Records JRC-1005)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

Pothead is back with their new studio CD, their first in 3 years. Pothead is one of those bands that just have their own sound. It is ROCK music but their albums are full of just damn good songs. Sometimes they rock hard and the heavy metal roots are showing but most of the time it is just a hard rocking good time with funny, strange, sometimes political, and catchy lyrics. The new CD features 14 tracks and starts with Saz, a very psychedelic laid back piece with harmonica, acoustic guitar and very lightly sung vocals. This eases you into the record and sets the feeling for what will follow. EZI has that Brad signature Pothead guitar riff and a strange funky kind of groove. Paper Tiger features a laid back groove with some slide guitar and some funny lyrics. The Owner, another political song (American, not German), has a heavier bass line but a very catchy simple guitar riff that Brad sings over. Great song. Couch is a sit on the porch with your acoustic guitar and harmonica and whisky jug and have a good time song. James has a very dark riff but Brad sings in this falsetto vocal that gives it a bit of a disco feel. Funny song. I really love the bass and guitar on this track. Sea Beggars is the hardest rocking track on the record. Zoey is a mellow well sung ballad and Brad even gets to play his Kurzweil! Gears is a very happy track that also features keyboard. This is perhaps the track they will try to play on the radio? Next up is an old school Pothead style track called Judy True. Cool riff and catchy! This will be a fun one live! Verly is another cool groover and Brad lays down his only real guitar solo on the record, but it is a damn cool old school rock solo! Forget is a simple rock track. Dead Letter is one of my favourites on the record. Not sure why but I like the bass line and the lyrics I guess, and the foot stomping groove. The CD ends with Who We Are, another great song. Brad is really a great unknown songwriter. Glad we know him.

Overall, this is another very cool record but not as good as the last record and a bit more laid back. More like the Grassroots CD from a few years back, but still great stuff that really grows on you with each listen. What's up with the recipe for New England Clam Chowder in the middle of the lyrics???

For more information you can visit the Pothead web site at: http://www.pothead.de.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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