La Otracina - "Love Love Love"
(Colour Sounds Records 2006, 019)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

La Otracina is Adam Kriney who is also head of the label Colour Sounds out of Brooklyn and he's put out tons of stuff under different project titles. Here's the scoop on Love Love Love: CALIFORNIA ORANGE SUNSHINE (CREATION) - Songs about LSD? Spacey, mellow, cool. Recorded by Adam Kriney 12/03 at the storefront/home, Brooklyn, NY. Sounds like live living room jambox recordings but very nice, atmospheric, original, considering it's basic "rock" lineup of drums, bass, guitar. Almost jazz like. ACIDE CERVAU - Some nice synthesizer sounds, OK, this one really starts to "Rawk" out! Almost heavy metal, no vocals, living room speed metal with spazz drumming, weird synth noises!!! The guitar is almost Eddie Van Halen meets Amon Düül II. I wonder if the "storefront/home" in Brooklyn where these are recorded live is a club or are these living room "masterpieces"? HAZY MAZES - Cool title. Sounds almost like 60's free jazz!! Loud and discordant, this sorta thing has been done but these guys give it a nice lo-fi living room run!!! The constant musician in all these tracks is the drummer. Spacey cool guitar by Joshua Hilson. Jagged synth, spasmodic drumming. This CD seems to be basically a rock band playing live improv with some experimental avantness. Love those long tracks (20:48) some nice synth droning, some nice piano, intense precise drumming. Homemade, one of a kind loveliness. Kind of like the Guru Guru basement tapes.

THERE, THE INFINITE BETWEEN - Intense, heavy, steady, rock, pulsating bass, synth blips, tight/sloppy/steady drums, lo-fi genius, starts to really get "out here" in the infinite between. This CD is the poor man's homemade experimental/instrumental Space Ritual! Definitely has the Brooklyn vibe, nice sudden transition into MU'S MUSE. Cool title, nice, slow, cool vibey sound. BLURRED VISION NETHERWORLD - more spazzy drummin', space drones. Joshua Anzano on the electric guitar and electronics. I'm startin' to realize this is recorded in stereo and not just on a jambox or something. Get's very loud/cool guitar. Is it very cool or just loud? Cool! Changes into British sounding march!!! Super distorto backdrop!!! Now it's rockin' like all git out!! Keeps going thru all kinda changes. Is this edited together or something worked out? Now breaks into a brand new sun filled hopeful day!! This is pretty damn cool, it just keeps going and going. These guys are tearin' it up! Almost sounds like some Journey or Styx, at around 14 minutes, but don't let that scare ya, it's Boston in a very lo-fi noisy way! FREAKBEAT ECLIPSE SOLAR - Industrial, crazy, noisy, but with the wacky Adam Kriney drums, some Joshua Anzano electric guitar that sound like sampled electric guitar!!!? What in the world have these Brooklyn guys been up to, to get this crazy prog rock sound? It seems that Adam Kriney records all his bands excursions into deep space and this double CD is a collection of the best of those recordings. CD 2: SKY JOURNEY I) G.E. RIDES THE OCTOGONE II) CALIFORNIA ORANGE SUNSHINE III) ELCTRIC WORM FRENZY IV) SPIRAL HORIZONS V) SUNSHINE SISTER VI) CORNFIELD - Starts very jazzy, big heavy NIck Chapman Rhodes synth. Slow loop steady drums drone, again goes Soft Machine prog rock jazz. Oh, this one is recorded Live at North 6, Brooklyn NY. I love this sorta thing as much as the next psych head but it does start to get samey, but "nice samey". These CD's are really "out there" but compared to other "out there" bands it's a little "in check" and safe!!! But the fact that this double CD collection of Brooklyn improv exists is very cool!!!, if that makes any sense? It makes me happy to know that my Brooklyn brothers are in deep space!! I'd be interested to hear what these guys could do with some upgraded recording equipment and with less rock and jazz?? All these songs titled "California Orange Sunshine" makes me assume they're into placing a Syd tab on the tongue. BLUE MAGNETIC TIME - More uptempo space psych rock!! More cool song titles. hese guys really can do the Hawkwind thing, git on "out there" from the rock format. The Dan Bates electric bass has a definite Sabbath feel to it. Uh oh, now it's double tempo and I think guitarist Joshua Anzano is also into Sabbath. CALIFORNIA ORANGE SUKNSHINE (PRISM) - Live at the Five Spot, more of the same, starts to wank a bit but I still Luv'em. You would expect a New York band to sound a little more modern, this CD sounds like it could've been recorded in '72!! You sorta wish La Otracina could come up with more of a "sound of their own". This coulda been an ESP record!!

FREAKBEAT ECLIPSE LUNAR - Ya know, these recordings ultimately become a showcase for drummer/main dude Adam Kriney, and I guess he's prolly a hot shit drummer but he's not the most original drummer and the drums are recorded so lo-fi you can't get a full sense of what he's doing/playing!! NEON NOVA - Recorded 12/14/03 at the Knitting Factory. Hard driving Hawkwind meets Can, big synth wooshes from Kris D'agostino. Starts to really remind of the Neu song Hallogallo or Agitation Free, pretty impressive. RATED X - This is a Miles Davis tune from the "Get up with it" album says the liner notes. Sounds pretty great. For some reason the production on this one sounds better. Maybe it's because I turned up the volume. Very tight, fast, pretty badass, very impressive. Now for some tripped out hot tea kettle synth, crazy ass guitar, like when the MC5 would do their sonic space jazz, closes with a bell/gong. This double CD set of live Brooklyn space rock/jazz is very impressive and a must have for all you Hawkheads waiting for your next dose.

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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