October File - "Hallowed by thy Army"
(Candlelight Records CANDLE164CD)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

The bio describes the band as a raging assault of post apocalypse Killing Joke inspired noise. This is a 3 track EP to serve as a taster for the UK bands next record. The artwork is very much WAR, as are the tracks (Hallowed be thy Army, Friendly Fire, and In my Magnificent Circus). The music is for sure very angry and in your face hardcore. The opening track reminds me a lot of Carnivore on their fast tracks. I liked the way the band took a pause to mix something interesting into the middle. The band do mix in some melodies as well but not in a commercial way like a lot of the bands that I hate that try to mix this style of music with pop music. Not here. This is hammering kicking your ass hardcore metal punk rock. Friendly Fire has a pretty cool groove to it to start as it slowly gets more and more intense with a very repetitive riff. A great track. In My Magnificent Circus ends the 15 minutes of music and has a guitar riff that is quite ominous and the bass quite heavy and dirty. Cool. The new CD will be out in May 2007 and should be a killer if this is any indication.

For more information you can visit the October File web site at: http://www.octoberfile.com.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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