Daevid Allen - "Magick Brothers" (Bananamoon Obscura 11)
Daevid Allen - "Altered States of Kwisp" (Bananamoon Obscura 13)
Daevid Allen - "Radio Art" (Bananamoon Obscura 14)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

These CDs are part of an official release series of 20 CDs, each limited to 1000 copies. The Magick Brothers is a show recorded at the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury Town in 1998. The Magick Brothers are Mark Robson (didgeridoo, keyboards, vocals, and programs), Graham Clark (violin and guitar) and Daevid Allen on vocals and Glissando guitar. I saw this band in the USA in 1992 and they were really pretty damn cool. Some of this is very cool and spaced out, like the opening number Nowhere to Everywhere, but far too much of the record is very personal piano bar music by Mark Robson, which I did not care much for. The Daevid Allen tracks are the best for sure. The earlier live record is much better than this one. Great sound on this though.

Altered States of Kwisp is very fucking strange stuff and was put together using Chaos Math (whatever that is) by Daevid Allen with help from Walter Funk, Reid Johnson, Lore Varga and Cork Marcheschi on some of the tracks. Daevid does all the loops, drones and gliss guitar. This is impossible to describe as it is very experimental sound-spacescapes that move in one direction but then go somewhere you don't expect the next. Far out!!!!!!!!!

Radio Art is Volume 14 and the coolest of the three. This is a one hour radio program in the form of a cool tape collage that Daevid created on a Revox and Teac 4 track tape recorder. This is actually just one of 12 that Daevid did for 2NCR in New South Wales in Australia. There are people you will recognize like Gilli and Thom the World Poet. It is split into 11 parts but this was really cool to listen to and very enjoyable. It is very strange but it flows in a cool way. I liked this one a lot.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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