Brant Bjork (Solo) Dragens Hule, KÝbenhavn 9/29/06

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

The night started with me picking up Brant and his Swedish friends at the train station and driving them out to the club. All are really nice people and one is even a young poet! It was only Mogens when we arrived but soon after Kasper and Tom (who arranged the gig) arrived and we had set up the Marshall (first one did not work, so he played on Baby Woodrose's equipment) and he set up and we all just hung out.

What a great night and so cool to hang out with Brant for a few hours. He is one of the coolest down to earth people you will ever meet and the way he speaks with this total California hippie-stoner language is great. He told Guf (Baby Woodrose) and I some cool stories and his life in music actually parallel's Guf's in many ways. Both were drummers who wrote music and then just wanted to perform more of their own songs so they both switched to guitar and singing. Quite cool.

As he said, "This is a rad lair, man..."

If you missed the show, you really missed out. Stripped bare, just one man and one guitar, Brant laid down the simple grooves and expressed what is the poetry of his life, his experiences, and just being stoned. Fucking cool stuff. He played 2 sets, about 50 minutes and 40 minutes long.

Only about 40 people but it was great. Very rare you get to see an artist up close in such a cool place letting it all hang out.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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