Alrune Rod - Café Slotsbio, Hillerød, Denmark 10/8/06 180kr

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

It has been a couple of years since I have seen this old Danish band, which started in 1969 and were the leaders of the psychedelic rock scene during their heyday. With three original members in the line up and the rest made up of guys who played on their last studio album from 1980, they are quite an excellent and jamming band. While in the last many years since they reformed in 2001 the set has changed very little, it is still great to hear them play these songs. The musicians are all excellent and have a real chemistry. While some songs are played pretty straight, a number of the songs feature long guitar improvisations. I have to say that Café Slotsbio is one of the best venues in Denmark. This is a fantastic place to see music in this small old theatre. The band had a cool psychedelic visual show as well, which was fun. A good crowd of about 150-200 people for this sit down show. A great night of music. Thanks to Ulrik for help with the set list and the nice evening!

The setlist:
Natskyggevej (from Alrune Rod 1969)
Ikke forstyrre (from Alrune Rock 1972)
Reflex (from RODEN 1980)
Lyv Verden (from RODEN 1980)
Om at (from Alrune Rock 1972)
Spredt For Vinden (from Spredt For Vinden 1973)
Tæl Aldrig Imorgen Med (from single 1969)
Rejsen Hjem (from Alrune Rod 1969)
Du Taler & Si'r (from Hej Du 1971 and RODEN 1980)
Kom Ud Af Mørket (Rock Søster-reprise) (from Alrune Rock 1972)

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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