Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - "Myth Of The Love Electrique" (Riot Season 2006, REPOSECD012)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

Another must-have full-length CD release by Japanese noise space rock henchmen Acid Mothers Temple.You get four lengthy tracks here. First we get "The Man From Giacobinid Meteor Comet", which is twenty-one minutes of mind-boggling psychedelic freak-out jamming that they've come to be so very known for. After about 15 minutes some rather fine sitar playing takes over. Very nice. Next there's "Five Dimensional Nightmare", which is more sedate with some mystical-like flute playing and good vocals. 14 solid minutes of pure trippyness that's just as out-there as the first cut. Then there's the powerful title track (well, sort of) "Love Electrique", a 19-minute Acid Mothers piece that blends in well with the first two, and it also employs some extremely high-pitched vocals. Whew! If you're still conscious by this point, the fourth and final cut is a twenty-minute (unreleased version, I assume) of their live staple, "Pink Lady Lemonade (May I Drink You Once Again?)", where some superb space whispers are done by new AMT member, female vocalist Kitagawa Hao, who has now apparently filled in for the departed Cotton Casino. A good idea would be to take this CD, plus maybe several other AMT discs, and put them on 'scramble play' in a stereo system that holds five discs at a time. I've personally known fans that have done just that. A must-have for all true AMT fans.

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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