5th Projekt - "Circadian"
(Organik Rekords 2006, OR 004-AC)

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

Circadian, the full-length debut from Toronto's 5th Projekt opens up with some delicate, but slightly menacing atmospheres. A throbbing rhythm slowly builds underneath it as the atmospheres swell and swirl into the building pace of the piece as dramatic sheets of string synth slice through. It serves to give an idea of what 5th Projekt is all about, musically, because as I was listening to it, I could picture, perhaps, a couple of desperate fugitives in a car, racing against time across a stark, country landscape beneath a brooding sky, all up there on the movie screen, of course. Although the music falls firmly into the rock vein (and AI readers used to really freaky stuff might say the more mainstream end of that vein), it's nonetheless very cinematic music. With dramatic dynamics, exotic sounds, and intriguing atmospheres all blending into the songs, it goes a long way to setting 5th Projekt apart from most other alt-rock bands out there.

Guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Tara Rice may have a voice somewhat reminiscent of Amy Lee of Evanescence, but the music she composes is far from that. The songs take risks with unexpected melodies, and explore lyrically esoteric realms. There's also some fine and creative guitar work on the album from Sködt D. McNalty (who is the band's other main composer). Rounding out the quartet are Nathan Kaye on drums and various percussives and Peter Broadley on bass. The band also utilizes some more unusual instruments like djembe, cabasa, glockenspiel, e-bow, and something called a gna gna (don't know what it is, but it sounds cool!), to add exotic sounding rhythms and textures to their sound.

It's never over the top, and doesn't skyrocket into the cosmos like many of the bands we here at AI love, but then again, life would be boring if all bands sounded like that. Comparatively, the music of 5th Projekt is restrained and tasteful, with thought and care put into the arrangements. And while generally on the lighter side, there is a still lot of energy and there are plenty of dynamics in the music to keep it interesting all the way through.

For more information you can visit the 5th Projekt web site at: http://www.5thprojekt.com.
Email at: the5th@5thprojekt.com or info@organik.ca.

Reviewed by Jeff Fitzgerald

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