Thor - "Devastation of Musculation"
(Smog Veil Records 2006, SV63CD)

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

THOR is back! I reviewed his last CD, Thor against the World, last year. THOR wrote and conceived this record up in Vancouver with his musical mate, Mike Kirschnick, who plays almost all the instruments. Anyway, THOR is back with a harder rocking and dark album. THOR's vocals remind me so much of El Duce from The Mentors on a lot of the tracks but instead of singing about sex, alcohol and porn, here the themes are strictly Medieval and battle stories. I think the songs were more varied and interesting on the last record. There are some real headbangers like Lies of Eternity, which will have the fans of the THOR legion banging and screaming at the concert for sure! Cold White Ghost and Abandon are sort of ballads but not really. Queen of the Damned begins with some female vocals and is quite catchy but he sounds so much like El Duce. Tales of the Wolf/Warriors of the Universe is Thor's new anthem. Very Manowar inspired. This CD sounds best when played LOUD. If you like this style of anthemic medieval heavy metal then you will enjoy this. Nothing new but something fun.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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