Siena Root and Cherry Overdrive- Dragens Hule, København 8/18/06

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

I was really looking forward to this concert. The new Siena Root CD is totally amazing and the last time they played here I only got to see some of the concert and it was the first concert ever with the brilliant new female singer, Sanya. I was putting the band up at my place as well. Also, it had been some time since I had seen Cherry Overdrive. Anyway, when I arrived the Cherry Overdrive folks and Siena Root were already there and setting up. It was really loud in there. I went upstairs and hung out with Magnus and Sonja for a bit and came back and talked with everyone from both bands and people were in a good mood despite the threat of a lot of rain, which luckily never really came. Only about 40 people showed up but it was a great night of music anyway.

Cherry Overdrive started about 22:10 and really rocked the place. They started with some spacey stuff and into an instrumental surf track (Ventures). They played all the tracks from their new CD coming out in January on the Swedish label, Heptown Records. Anyway, some older songs and also some brand new stuff were played. People were really into it and they rocked like hell! They did not get as psyched out as the last time I saw them but they did jam a few times. Not what you would expect from 4 females dressed in cool matching dresses. They played 17 songs for about 65 minutes. Great set and this got people in the mood for some more rock and roll.

Setlist: Ventures, Sharks, Hit the Right Note, Toy Boy, What it takes, Did you, Clear light, Our Sound, I'll be Gone, Loneliness is…, Reptiles, Sheryl's Faith, Shake it up, The Fall, Hey Sugar, You can't Run, Don't Trash, Story of a Girl.

Siena Root did not take long at all to get up and running and soon the volume went way up and the place was like an old early 70's place with heavy riffs, great original jamming songs and a great blues singer. The vocal was very loud as well. Up front it was blowing my ears out and I had to stand in the back. The band played a lot of songs from the new album, some older demo songs like the Rat, Mountain from their great 7" on Nasoni, etc. They played for about 85 minutes. No sitar jam this time but a great set. The middle part when the guitar player put down his guitar and switched to the organ was some intense jamming as well. If they had a guitar player it would have sounded like 1970 Deep Purple. An absolutely amazing band with great players and killer guitar riffs and hot vocals. A band not to be missed.

Setlist: Coming Home, Trippin', God and Bad, Ridin' Slow, Words, There and Back Again, Reverberations (Jam), What can I do, Fever, Mountain, Until Time Leaves Us, The Rat, Little Man, Shine

Scott Heller

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