New York Dolls - "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This"
(Roadrunner Records 2006, 618045, CD/DVD)

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

Hard enough for any old school fan to believe, but this is their virtual follow-up to 1974's ' Too Much Too Soon' LP. Has it really been that long? Did anyone ever expect this CD to happen? Because I most certainly did not. Glad it did though. This thirteen track effort is actually pretty good. One could best describe it as New York-style 'glam punk'. The tracks here that should have no problem pulling in and keeping the listener's full interest are "Running Around", "Dance Like A Monkey" (with the right shove, this could end up being sort of an anthem), the Stones-like "Punishing World", the total ass kicking "Fishnets And Cigarettes" (like the way when this song ends, it sounds like a needle dragging off an old 45 vinyl single), the somewhat bluesy "I Ain't Got Nothing" and "Gimme Luv And Turn On The Light".

Line-up: David Johanson - vocals, Sylvain Sylvain - guitar & backing vocals, Steve Conte - guitar & backing vocals, Sami Yaffa - bass, Brian Delaney - drums and Brian Koonin - piano. There's also a DVD that features forty minutes of footage of the guys in the studio during the making of this album. I thought the parts where they were rehearsing a couple of the CD's tunes were fun to watch. Got a big kick out of when Johanson tells the fans he wants to be glam, but his manager wants him to be glitter. Like there's a difference. Basically if you liked their old stuff, you should be comfortable with the material on ' One Day It Will ...' . Comes with a nifty ten-page hand-drawn comic book for the CD's booklet. Very good work, guys.

Mike Reed

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