Kyron - "Doorways"
(Black Note Music 2006, BNM 046)

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

Kyron is JC Mendizabal from Daly City, California. What to say about this CD? Pleasantly predictable? TRACK ONE 8:31 Cousin It noises, burbling electronica. The website says, "A dark adventure into the Shadow Lands". TRACK TWO 3:00 A woman moaning through some electronics?! TRACK THREE 3:55 More of the same, more dramatic porn moans in deep space. The website says, "Through the breakdown of categories we find new pathways". TRACK FOUR 7:15 Twiddly, quiet, effects. Is this innovative or just kinda samey? Kinda dry and ordinary. Where's the juice, the soul, the something to set it apart from the pack? This is his 12th CD. TRACK FIVE 8:24 Starts picking it up somewhere during this song. Sounds good. The first of the pre-recorded vocals through effects. There is no break between the songs. Sounds very 1986, which is not necessarily a bad thing! Well maybe it is. TRACK SIX 3:40 Nice intro. Pretty cool gurgling deep space. More porn moans, which was cliched when I used them with Thanatopsis Throne in 1988. TRACK SEVEN 3:14 More vocal stuff through effects with whirring noises. Pretty old hat? TRACK EIGHT 3:22 More static, it's louder now! Becomes pleasantly and prettily boring. You could go to sleep to it. TRACK TEN 3:40 Whoops, I skipped a track and it doesn't matter. TRACK ELEVEN 4:26 A new beat, yeahhh!! The website says, "A dive into dark waters, into unexplored territories at the outer fringes of consciousness". TRACK TWELVE 3:15 O.K. this is going on for far too long. More and more and more and more. At least it's not 2006 whitebread progrock!!! TRACK THIRTEEN 3:51 A little different, praise the Lord...pretty cool. TRACK FOURTEEN 3:39 This CD isn't bad but it's one of the most samey I've listened to in awhile. TRACK FIFTEEN 6:40 These guys are probably the hot stuff in Daly City, CA but for the rest of the world we heard it all 20 years ago. Whoops, the last minute starts to sound a little different, no I was mistaken. Cool cover tho! A commercialized version of a whole genre of music!!?

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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