In Yonder Garden - s/t
(self-released 200)

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

"In Yonder Garden" is Antonello Cresti (Nihil Project) - vocals, keyboards, percussion, flute, glockenspiel; Simon Lewis (Phoenix Cube, Terrascope Online Reviews Editor) - gliss guitar, whispers, percussion, sequencers, synth and Vittorio Nistri (Deadburger) - keyboards, synth, samples, loops. This CD is on Woven Wheat Whispers, the legal folk music download service.

FRAGMENT OF THE RITUAL (A) 4:48 This is really cool, awesome, the first fifteen seconds make it better than the other CD's I've reviewed. Well recorded, almost Morricone sound, nice separation of instruments, some nice flute playing that reminds one of Nik Turner in the Pyramid. At around 3:30 we get some chanting vocals. FRAGMENT OF THE RITUAL (B) 4:49 More coolness, chants, bird chirping, spoken word a la Hawkwind. DESCEND 6:26 Cool percussion. I can't tell what is what instrument (what does a glockenspiel sound like?) but it all sounds good (sounds like the intro to Deadwood). The music has a very folky, almost middle ages feel. Some vocals that remind one of early King Crimson, even some Peter Sinfield-ish lyrics. Maracas and nice guitar outro. BROKEN SLEEP 5:35 Antonello Cresti doing a very cool "Greg Lake" with Simon Lewis space whispers. BLESSING 11:28 Opens with space poetry, birds, piano prettiness, some Frippish forward backward sounding guitar. The only bad thing about this CD is that it's only 33 minutes and 9 seconds. More enjoyable, modern, experimental folk music. "In a English Garden, may the circle be unbroken".

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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