Berg Herzberg Festival - "Traditional Hippie Convention 2005"
(Rockpalast, DVD)

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

This is a really cool DVD. It is music from the festival mixed in with interviews, pictures of the place and all the people, and then full video songs from a number of the bands that performed. The only thing that is too bad is that all of the interviews with the people involved in the festival and some of the fans are not subtitled for us non-German understanding people. Anyway, the sound and the pictures are really great and it was a cool line up of bands as well. Ten Years After (original bass and drummer) but no Alvin Lee. The new young guitar player sings well and is a great guitar player as well. Next up is the Love Band. Should have been Love, but Arthur Lee had gone AWOL just before the gig so the band had to play without himů now he is gone forever.. The Swedish band, Siena Root does a great version of Coming Home, an original track. The old German band, Jane, is next and rock pretty well. Tito and the Tarantula I did not know at all but he is a cool singer and they were not bad blues rock. Big Brother and the Holding Company were a surprise to hear and includes 2 or 3 of the original guys and a great female singer who is not a clone of Janis but puts enough of Janis into it as well as her own great sound that it works. 2 songs... The Amber Light.. I did not like. Next band, Ozric Tentacles, the last proshot video of the band with John (flute) and the only one I know of with Metro and Haggis. It is a cool version of Kick Muck. WIND, IQ and Manfred Mann end the DVD: Pretty cool. I hope I get to go to this festival someday.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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