Bad Liquor Pond - "Ramblings"
(MT6 Records 2006, MT6035)

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

With an opening track called 'Space Jesus' I must admit that the judgement was already cast… Well what about 'Space Jesus'? Did not quite live up to my expectations! The sound of Bad Liquor Pond is mellow and laid back with hints of Pink Floyd and Amon Düül II on the more instrumental parts as with the track 'Avatar'. This track is on the repetitive side and flows along nice. However, these ambient moments are totally spoiled by the bad songs that frequent the CD, and for this reason alone I am not a fan of this band. These songs that I mention are lyrically bad throughout and are done in the ballad vein, which makes them worse. I also get a feel of a bad English indie band, and of this I cannot handle because there are already too many of them. The only track that stands up to me is the track 'Night Crawler', so this is where I will give them credit. This track moves without injustice, it is spacey and it is ambient. It is a million miles from any other song on the CD. Sound wise it is the most fluid track and even though I am not a fan of drum machines, I can get away with this. It reminds me of sadly sitting alone with the burden of the world on ones shoulders. No one understands me. No one likes me. I am one step away from the madhouse but I like the comfort in being sad, eh Kurt! I know I am not getting into the vibe, but neither would the Space Jesus. So at least I am one with something...

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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