Acid Mothers Temple - April 30, 2006 at the Record Bar in Kansas City, MO

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

I actually considered sitting this one out, assuming that they automatically would perform the very same set that I had seen last October. See my review of that show in Aural Innovations issue 32. I was glad to see that I was wrong about this. Guitarist Kawabata Makoto and electronics wizard / guitarist Higashi Hiroshi had two different players with them this time out. They were bassist / vocalist Tsuyama Atsushi and drummer Uki Eiji. Acid Mothers served up an extremely high energy and mind-lifting set and all, but the only downside of the entire evening was that they had a show time of 10 pm with two opening acts. Curfew was at 1:30 am, so Acid Mothers Temple had to cut the length of their set to a solid fifty minutes. Oh, the guys were just as fabulous as the first time I'd seen them but several fans in the crowd (myself included) of about 100 in attendance were sort of wishing they had played longer. Their set featured, just three songs, opening with a track I don't believe I've ever heard before that was simply titled as "Improvisation", then it was on to the total ass-kicking "Dark Stars In The Dazzling Sky" which is off their new CD, 'Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?' where bassist/vocalist Tsuyama Atsushi started it off with Indian-like screams. This was fun to experience from the front of the stage. Then it was the AMT classic "Pink Lady Lemonade". Couldn't help but to notice that Makoto was shredding his guitar as usual and ended the evening's shindig by hanging his six string from the ceiling. Whew! Another chance to catch a total mind-blowing live performance by this superb Japanese noise/space rock psychedelic ensemble. You know I'd go see them a third time and so on. The Record Bar has been having very cool touring bands play there recently like The Fall, Eagles Of Death Metal and Blue Cheer among others. I was fortunate enough to catch the 'original' line-up of Gong at this club back in March, 1996 when it was the called The Drum Room. Very good sound I thought.

Set list: Improvisation / Dark Stars In The Dazzling Skies / Pink Lady Lemonade

Mike Reed

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