First Band from Outer Space, Drahk von Trip, Skyron Orchestra - Café Barbio, Malmö, Sweden 6/16/06

From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)

This was the first Transubstans Record label club and it was a success on this wonderful night. Weather was great and people were in a great mood and a good crowd (60 or so) of people showed up for 3 cool bands. It was hot and stuffy in the club and luckily there was no smoking in this place. It had been a long time since I had met Anna and Jonas from Skyron Orchestra but I was looking forward to seeing them live. It was great to finally meet the guys in First Band from Outer Space. Super cool guys.

The sound was not that great in this club but it did sound better when more people were inside. Skyron Orchestra started at 9:30 and a decent crowd of 40 or so people were inside. Some of the Řresund Space Collective had showed up (Jocke, Tobias, myself, Magnus and Michael). Skyron sounded very similar to their CD and played almost all new songs. The singer was not into it at all and this took away from the band a lot. It seemed like she was just there to be there and not because she wanted to sing some psychedelic rock songs. This contrasted with Susanne from Drahk von Trip, who was a true performer, doing something she truly loved. Anyway, Skyron got a good reaction from the audience and they have some great songs for sure. They planned to come out for an encore jam but simply waited too long backstage and people had stopped clapping and Johnny put the music back on.

Set list: Star, Can't Control, Sacred Atmosphere, Out of my Mind, My World Salvation, It can't be Me, Living in a Void, Situations, Cut it out, Call their Names

Anyway, the club windows were opened as it was really hot in there and everyone went outside while Drahk von Trip set up, which did not take that long. They played a totally amazing set of music. Sadly, one of their members (keyboard, drums, didgeridoo) has problems with his hearing and can't perform with them at this time. They started with a long and very cool jam. They would get into very hypnotic grooves on this night. The guitars were not mixed very well though and the drums got too loud and drowned out most everything else when the band got heavy. Göran, you're an animal! Amazing drummer. It was a great set that lasted a little over an hour. The band had many more songs on the set list but ended with Autumn. This is one of the best bands that Sweden has to offer at this time. Don't miss them!

Setlist: Jam, Anger, Kortiner, Secrets, Gahn, Autumn, Dreams so Sad

First Band from Outer Space really had to shuffle things around and so they did not start playing until close to midnight. As Johan (guitar) and Frederik (bass) both also play synthesizers, it was a complicated set up. Anyway, the band opened with Novaja Zemelja into Utan att veta, both from the new CD. The band consists of drums, bass, guitar, flutes and conga. The spacey flutes add a lot to the bands sound. They could use a full time space synth person as it is a tough job to continuously trigger their synths while playing guitar or bass. Anyway, this was high energy space rock the way I love it. The sound was also a bit rough. I was caught completely by surprise when the band played two Hawkwind songs. They did very good justice to both tracks.

Set List: Novaja Zemelja>Utan att veta, Sannrauz, The Right Stuff>Hurry on Sundown, Todo Pasara,

Scott Heller

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