Space Mirrors - "Memories of the Future"
(Sleaszy Rider Records 2006, SR-0048)

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

Space Mirrors is back with their sophomore release. Once again the core of the band is Russian keyboardist Alisa coral and Australian guitarist Michael "Alien Dream" Blackman, and on this album we've got guests that include Keith Kniveton (ex-Hawkwind, Starfield), Martin (Litmus) and Metatron (Meads Of Asphodel).

After a spaced out intro, the band launch into the 12 minute "Creatures of the Twilight", a heavy rocking, rhythmically pounding, space rocking holy shit the Borg are attacking monster jam. Alisa does a singing/spoken word vocal that very nicely embellishes the jam. Michael "Alien Dream" Blackman's guitar cranks out some serious rock, and Alisa's keyboards are fantastic, being just as much freaky alien as they are space symphonic. And as a guest bonus we get a cosmic funky groove from Martin's bass. WOW, what a kick ass opener!

"Travelling to the Core" is a 9 minute rocker that continues down the same jamming and groove laden space metallic path, with freaked out alien electronics courtesy of Keith Kniveton. "Death Inc." is one of my favorites tracks on the CD, being a brain crushing science fiction empire strikes back assault on the senses. This sucker will get yer synapses firing for sure. And wrapping up the set is a metallic jamming space-fest dual cover of Hawkwind's "Opa-Loka/Uncle Sam's On Mars", with Metatron's Lemmy inflected vocals adding an intense growling edge to the music.

And there you have it folks. The entire album is a non-stop slab of blazing rock 'n rolling Space Rock, alien dance party grooves and cosmic Metal that takes the heaviest of Hawkwind sounds to the Nth degree. Space Rock doesn't get any deeper in space or more ROCKING than this. The album is being distributed by the Sleaszy Rider label which is more purely metal based in scope than you might think would be a home for Space Mirrors. But Space Rock really needs to strive to make inroads to the Stoner and Metal crowds, and I'll be curious to see how the Sleaszy Rider relationship pans out.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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