Sergej the Freak/Deville Split CD
(Daredevil Records DD032)

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

Sergej is back! While I did not like their first split CD very much, I think they have come back with a very strong effort here, with some killer grooves and cool low down and dirty vocals. There are some really heavy tracks like "Seth Kill Joy" which has an almost reggae like skank and the band fucking around at the end. But then they kick you in the face again with a killer groover, "Dirt Dust and Champagne". "Time is Mine" is an acoustic number to end Sergej's part of the disk and to hand things over to Deville. Deville kick it in heavy with "Hands of Mine", which is very Queens of the Stone Age influenced stuff, as are too many of the bands tracks. They have a lot more heavy grooving riffs but the way they structure their melodic parts is very unoriginal. Deville feature a mostly acoustic instrumental track ("Seven") to bring things down a bit but it is too short and should have had a killer guitar solo but is sadly faded out. Actually, as seems to be the norm these days with stuff I get to review, neither band seems to be able to find anyone who can play lead guitar or the space in their tracks. "Get it Right" is a bit of a bluesy thing but soon takes on a very QOTSA rip off. Deville finish with "Thorn In My Side", which starts acoustic but really takes off. In this battle of bands, Sergej is clearly the winner!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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