Various Artists - "What's Up, Mutants? Volume II"
(self-released 2005)

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

Here's an interesting DIY Global-Grassroots collection of obscure psych and dark experimental/noise-scapes compiled by Joe Davis. Elton Junk's "Again in the Room" is some extremely surreal horror-psych with creeped-out Italian-English lyrics, wicked bass, cymbal crashing and guitar attack. Electric Vials offer up a piece of warped fx, soft horns and various disorienting guitar stylings. Tim Mungenast's "Candles" is classic transcendent "non-chemically-aided" psychedelia; tabla, beautiful guitar licks, sublime multi-vocal chants (the lead vox remind of Vine Sweetland). The Sublimator (of heavy-ass southern space-rockers Spaceseed) provides "Alabama Meltdown", a lengthy obnoxious industrial ruckus of metallic rhythm, various grinding swirls, buzzes, drones and samples - I like it, especially when the rhythm drops out once toward the end before kicking back in again. Astro Al's "Friday Night in Squaresville" has some interesting camp-psych fx and percussives while this cat (Paul Angelosanto) narrates a spoken surreal psych-tale. Crystal Castle feat. AcidGuitarKing is a melodic kinda slow-blues jam laying down some nice lead and rhythm guitar. Emad Gabran turns out a hypnotic oud-and-drum rhythm with clarinet, sitar and Egyptian chant. Mr. Mungenast transposes freaky rhythm fx with bluesy lead-work on "Red Ball Jet". Far Look's quicky "Clunk Rock" is a fuzzy garage-psych number that makes its point in 35 seconds. Wisteriax's "Ocean's Marrow" closes the comp. with ambient washes, treatments and dark mutations. Cool.

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Reviewed by Chuck Rosenberg

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