Drunken Gunmen - "Beyond the Green Sun"
(Spaced Out Sounds 2005)

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

I have not heard much by these guys and the last track I heard was their contribution to the awesome Chrome Tribute CD (that was damn cool!). Anyway, the Drunken Gunmen played very spaced out rock music, best enjoyed if stoned out of your gourd. The band is a duo from Sydney, Australia. The music is spaced out sounds with loud guitars, programmed drums, far out vocals and just heavy psychedelia! The band have contributed 3 spaced out tracks to the archive.org site as well (http://www.archive.org/details/SOSDGLI2). I am not sure how many CDs the band has made but at least 3, it seems. The opening track, "Deeper Underground", begins slow but once they hit the drum button the guitar riff (plenty of flange and effects), kicks in and the band take off into a stoned jamming world of the unknown. The tracks are all long, with the shortest being 8:19 and the longest over 12! "Starstepping to War" slows things down a bit and is driven by a monster bass line while the guitar solos in the background and strange noises tease your cortex. More mind blowing music continues on this CD, with the title track reminding me of a more spaced out Butthole Surfers in some way, but the track is very hypnotic like Circle or something. I highly recommend this for psychedelic space freaks.What a cool CD. This is a bit raw and far out for most but I totally dug it. Easily the best thing I ever heard from them. Keep up the great work. And yes… plenty of spaced out lead guitar even to satisfy me.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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