Darxtar - "We Came Too Late"
(Nasoni Records 2005, NASONI 044, CD/LP)

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

Darxtar have been running for more than 15 years and this is their sixth studio album. While the band is basically a family band now, meaning they spend most of their life taking care of the families and a small amount of time making music, it takes a while. The bands sound has really changed over the years from a space rock sound to a semi-progressive space rock sound to a more 70's hard rock with a slightly psychedelic or spacey edge to it. Tombola, their last CD (2001), is very much like We Came Too Late in many ways. The CD opens with "Pitiful Whining", which is the track which has the most similarity to the bands older sound and it is a great song. "Islanded" is something completely different and sounds like Pink Floyd a bit and is sung by Marcus, the bass player. The title track follows and is a cool ballad that slowly builds up and features some beautiful violin. After the depressing lyrics of the title track the band comes back heavy with "The Sky Wide Open", also sung by Marcus, and featuring some of Søren's best guitar on the CD and some cool violin. They had a lot of fun making this track! "Secrets" brings it back down and has a very spacey sound. "It All Happens Here" is the longest track on the CD, clocking in at nearly 9 minutes. The band has mixed some cool sounds and spacey stuff into the beginning of this track before it takes off. Marcus sings this song as well and plays some really cool bass lines as the track really rocks out but never quite jams. "Together" begins with a heavy bass and some spaced sounds before Søren kicks in with the guitar (recorded with some delay). Marcus sings this song as well with some effects on his voice. The guitar line gives this song a kind of dark feeling. "I'm the End" is a very short 2½ minute track that seems very personal for Søren. "Greed" is next and the riff on this track sounds nearly the same as the riff on another track on the record… is this a part 2 of sorts???? "Zero" begins with some strange Swedish sample before the band kicks in for some fun for 1½ minutes. "Take It" finishes the CD with a more laid back track and some nice slide guitar. The band is progressing in an interesting direction but still making really cool, non-commerical and highly original music.

For more information you can visit the Darxtar web site at: http://www.darxtar.com.
Visit the Nasoni Records web site at: http://www.nasoni-records.com.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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