Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - "Demons From Nipples"
(Vivo Records 2005, Vivo200515CD)

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

Another trippy release from the notorious Japanese noise-space rockers - Acid Mothers Temple. 'Nipples...' is every bit as good as most of the other numerous AMT releases that are currently available out there in the cosmic hemisphere. If you happen to be a new fan and you're not aware of it, there are a lot of CD and vinyl titles by AMT. Almost too many to keep track of anymore. Recorded at (what I assume) is their own studio in May, 2005. Like several of their other current discs, 'Nipples...' has two tracks, just two. The title cut "Demons From Nipples" (39:10) features plenty of acidic guitar shredding, bubbling synthesizer and some hypnotic vocals from bassist Tabata Mitsuru. "5 Second Demon" (12:48) is a bit heavier, I noticed, but still accomplishes the very same goal of scrambling your brain cells that you, the listener, may still have. Just might appeal to fans of Abunai, High Rise, early Hawkwind, Kinski and Comets On Fire. Glue sniffers, hop heads, no-life insomniacs, aging dead beats and late night dreamers - rejoice! For your day has finally come.

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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