The Spacious Mind - "Pickin' Berries N' Playin' Blues"
(Country Man Records 2005, CCDR003)

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

This is the third in the live and unreleased CD-R series on the Goddamn I'm a Countryman Label. The first two were limited to 50 copies each and are sold out but this time the label has pressed 200. Anyway, this is one of many concerts the band played in 2005 (due to a trip to the USA that was very successful for the band). The set opens with "Distant, Oh So Far... Better Go Right Away", at 21 minutes. It immediately grabs the listener by the throat as the band reaches a major crescendo of sound that ends after 2 minutes and the piece slowly drifts out into space The soundboard recording is very nice. "Me and a Tree and the Sigh of a Leaf" is next and another extended exploration in sound for 21 minutes. It starts very slow and spaced out but then builds up a lot with some very cool guitar playing. The band has an amazing dynamic. The CD ends with "The One That Really Won the War", from the bands Organic Mind Solution CD. This version of the song has evolved significantly since the original release. Cool stuff.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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