Siena Root - "Mountain Songs"
(Nasoni Records 2005, 703, 7" vinyl)

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

For those who love 70's influenced hard rock, Siena Root's 2004 debut, A New Day Dawning (see review this issue), was a stunning set of guitar and organ driven rock, with powerful, soulful vocals which come across as a glom of Deep Purple, Traffic and other similar heavy soul psych rocking bands. A bluesy hard rock, psychedelic-progressive rocking good time. Since the first album was recorded Siena Root have undergone some significant lineup changes, only to emerge as an equally, if not more powerful rocking force. Oskar Lundstrom, whose organ and vocals graced the first album, has left the band. His vocal replacement is Sanya, and the change in gender, with no compromising on potency and passion, has given a real kick to the music. In addition, guitarist KG West has transitioned to organ. Mountain Songs is a 2 song 7" teaser intended to prepare the world for the next full length Siena Root album, and also to give vinyl junkies a tasty chunk of wax to add to their collections. "Mountain I" is the A-side tune, a kick ass bluesy soulful hard rocker, firmly in the characteristic Siena Root brand of 70's styled rock. And as my first exposure to Sanya's vocals I was pretty well blown away by this dynamo singer. Like a mixture of Tina Turner and Bonnie Raitt. "Mountain II" is the B-side and is a slow, stoned blues-psych jam, like Hendrix or Robin Trower with organ and a soulful female singer. Wow, what an amazing band. I'll be waiting IMpatiently for the new full length.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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