Screamin' Eric - Studenterhuset, KÝbenhavn 9/9/05

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

This was the Screamin' Eric CD release party for their new CD called Shake it! It was a really nice night, a bit balmy but nice and warm, which is rare by September in Denmark but it seems that our summers are being pushed back a couple of months with all the spring rain in June and July and real summer in August and September now. Anyway, a good crowd was there. I had a nice chat with Per and Lene from the Davolina's and Lars Lundholm, whose studio, Shake it was recorded at. The people really started to come in a bit after 9, when there was 200 liters of free beer. I got 2! Screamin Eric hit the stage about 20 minutes til 11 and the sound was good and it was packed with people. It was damn hot in this place as they have new soundproofing windows so the building breathes even less than before. Two video cameras were also capturing the whole event and I took some pictures. This was good hard rockin' music with a punky snotty attitude sometimes, the Stooges sound proudly displayed by a band that has come a long way in the last 10 years. The crowd dug it as well. It was cool to see Eric with his debut playing guitar and he even played a pretty cool psychedelic wah solo during the only jam of the night on Little Girl. A bit short set at about an hour and no encore. Fun stuff and I hope they sell a lot of CDs!

Set List: Shake it, She's so Pretty, Drive you Home, Trailer Camp Blues, Batman, Bad Boogeyman, What's wrong with You, I'm a Fool, My Brain is Gone, Bad Girl, Lets fuck it up, I couldn't care less, I love it-I've had it, Little Girl.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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