Pickled Platypus and Kardia - Dragens Hule, København 8/27/05

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

Pickled Platypus are a fairly new band but one that are quite mature in their hard rock sound. I know them because they share the rehearsal room with Mantric Muse, whom I jam with in another band. They have two guitar players, bass, drums and fantastic female vocals. The play some really great music and despite the quite small but enthusiastic crowd, they rocked out. Nearly all the songs are themes about love, lost love, bad relations, etc. But the music and the vocals are quite emotional and they can really rock as well! The first set was one hour and all original material but due to a band cancellation, they would play again.

Set List: The unspeakable truth, Love you in the night, Nightcrawlers, Fickle, Heartburn, All gone, Bar, Down Boy, Cannibal Woman, Deep down, When you Die

Kardia were next and played some music that I just did not care for so I won't say more. After Kardia, Pickled Platypus came back out and played another hour of all cover songs and a great list of stuff it was like Somebody to Love and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath, Losfer Words and Remember Tomorrow by Iron Maiden… and a few others… Great band..

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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