NonWorkingGeneration - "My Mouth Belongs to You"
(Ant Nest Records ANRCD006)

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

NonWorkingGeneration is a 3 piece band from southern Sweden who blast out some well produced heavy metal. The guitar sound is very much like modern bands like System of a Down, and Korn, etc. The band mix in some keyboards for emotional effect, not really for the musical effect. The thing I liked about the songs was they had some very good choruses mixed in with some very good lyrics (except the opening song "Faces") and deal about real situations we live in with such tracks as "Chameleon" and "Why Do You Want to Kill an Arab". "Die in a Forest" is a short track with a very Slayer like riff. Like so many bands these days the guitar solo seems to be a dying thing in rock music. There are at least a few here. I think this is a very cool debut CD and it really grows on you as you hear it more and more and there is a lot of diversity on the CD. Don't be fooled by the very angry and not the coolest opening song, "Faces" (it has a great guitar riff I admit.). Also, check out the bands web page for the latest info and a cool statement about the bands music philosophy.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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