Nebula / Honky - September 9, 2005 at the Hurricane in Kansas City,MO

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

This was only the second time I've seen NEBULA play live. About 100 patrons had turned out for the Friday night gig. Nothing like a good stoner rock show to get the blood pumping. A few in attendance, I seemed to have noticed, got a little bored. However, about halfway through their hour long set, NEBULA seemed to really start kicking some serious ass. At least I thought so. Overall their fourteen song set was good, with one tune from their upcoming CD, as I heard from one of the guys themselves, were "Future Days". The power trio played four songs from their most recent CD, 'Atomic Ritual', which was the somewhat scorching opener, the title cut "Atomic Ritual", "Out Of Your Head", "So It Goes" and "Strange Human". Some of their past material included "Loose Cannon", "Let It Burn", "To The Center" (haven't heard that disc in awhile) and an old Stooges cover, "I Need Somebody". The current line-up is Eddie Glass on guitar & vocals, Tom Davies on bass & vocals and Ruben Romano on drums. Come back sometime, ya hear?

The opener was HONKY, which features former Butthole Surfer's member Jeff Pinkus on bass and vocals. The other two players were Robert Langgraf on guitar and vocals and Kenny Wagner on drums and vocals. This band didn't really do much for me at all. Sort of reminded me of like a demented ZZ Top, if that could possible make any sense. Didn't get their setlist but a couple of tunes I'm almost sure they played off their current 'Balls Out Inn' were the Skynyrd-like "Broken Days" and "Bucklebunny". A decent time was had by most if not all.

NEBULA setlist: Atomic Ritual / Giant-Orbit / Loose Cannon / Rocket / Out Of Your Head / Future Days / So It Goes / Let It Burn / Fever Frey / The Eagle Has Landed / I Need Somebody / Strange Human - encore: To The Center / Devil's Liquid

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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