Karin Höghielm - "Fabra"
(Särart Productions SP CD 622)

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

Karin is quite a unique Swedish artist coming from the island of Gotland. Karin's first CD came out in 1999. This CD features composed chamber music influenced by world music and avant-garde, with lyrics in Russian, old Gotlandic, Latin and Swedish, as well as instrumental songs. In addition, a wide range of interesting instruments are used on a number of the tracks and not just classical piano. These include bronze horns, cheng, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, Tibetan praying bowls, recordings of the Falun mine bell, Gotlandic tone stones, millstones and church bells. I found the music to be very relaxing and extremely nice to listen to. Those who like unconventional solo vocal music with piano and interesting other instruments mixed in will enjoy this quite a lot.

For more information you can visit: http://www.thelaboratory.net.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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